Logo Vacust]What is Vacust?
Vacuum custom shape technology. Creating a custom fit.

How does it work?
The vacust system is an airtight pocket with small elements
locked inside. When the air is taken out of the compartment all elements stick together to form a single unit with exactly the same surface shape as were it is hold against.

This technique creates a perfect fit wherever you need it. It can be used for any product demanding a true fit. (Ski boots, helmets, harnesses, backpacks, saddles and this list can go on and on). Any Vacust product defines a new standard in custom fit.

The vacust system is capable to make an exact copy of any 3D shape. For your helmet, kite harness, paragliding gear or multiple other products. When fit is important vacust is the way to go.

What the vacust does is literally copy any shape. Gently push the Vacust patch to your bag and get the air out. By creating a vacuum the particles inside the vacust system stick together. So they create a solid perfect fitting copy.

Different types of filling create different characteristics, the choice is there, little flexibility or high impact reduction, Vacust can do it all.

The patented technology is now available for use in many different fields. The first product with Vacust is launched march 2012 (wind and Kitesurf harness for the Underwave brand)